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Quality is our perfection

The best service in the industry
Hydro Active will never dissapoint & will always deliver on ALL that is promised!
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Hydro Active never say no and always impresses. From the smallest tap washer on the 15th floor to the installation of the sewage & storm water drains running for over 1000m, Hydro Active will achieve total client satisfaction every time!
We are equipped to handle anything and everything that comes our way. Do not hesitate to contact us, you will never look back!
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Environmentally Responsible
With the world going the way it is, we should all be converting, it is the responsible thing to do.
Whether solar geysers, grey water collection or just the insulation of your pipes & geyser. We will have you setup & doing your part to save the plannet in no time.
Would you rather have a plumber at hand for all those unforseen calls from your tenant. We are the reliable & flexible answer to all those calls. You will wonder why you never called us before.
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